Home Boat Renting conditions

Welcome to the Home Boat 46. We are happy to welcome you as our guest and would like to make your trip as convenient as possible so you can enjoy your holidays on board and in the Westhoek Marina. We wrote this manual because there are a few things about Homeboat equipment and rules that you have to know.

1. Opening and closing the doors.
We use automatic check-in , an access code to a lock box will be sent to you 1 week before arrival, this lockbox can be found on the left side of the main entrance.

The main entrance of the Home Boat is on the back of the boat. To open you have to turn the key counter clock wise and then to push down the handle like in a normal door. The handle has a light resistance when before locked.

To close the door you have to pull up the handle to around 45 degrees so that you can hear that all bolts close. Just after this you will be able to close the door with the key in clock wise direction. 

The door to the front deck and to the upstairs terrace are sliding doors. Please pay attention to turn the handle to 90 degrees and then slide the door. To close just use the opposite direction.

2. Heating and air-conditioning.

The heating / cooling system works with a normal air to air Daikin heat pump. It is very simple and used also in many hotels. We have three heat converters on the boat, each controlled separately by a remote control. To start the heating/cooling push the main power button on the remote control and wait until a beep sounds from the heat converter mounted to the wall. If the converter opens it’s a sign that the heating or air-conditioning is starting. Please just adjust the temperature and wait a few minutes until the temperature adjust.

The heating in the bathroom is regulated also by an remote control attached to the wall. It is set by us into automatic mode and doesn’t need anyadjustment.

PLEASE NOTICE that the air-conditioning is programmed into an automatic mode and doesn’t need any new reprogramming! If the programming is changed, it means the remote control is opened and changed in modes the whole system will get into confusion and the system stops working. In this case the system will be have to reprogrammed by our technicians at the costs of € 100.

Please never heat or cool with open windows as we are a complete ecofriendly house boat and proud of a green foot print. We don’t charge our guests any money for the electricity or water consumption. In the case of senseless waste of energy or water we feel free to charge the guest additional costs

3. Toilet, shower and hand tub

The bathroom works as any other in a normal apartment. There are just a few things to mention. The toilet works with a normal flushing system but has a pump to evacuate the black water. It is a reliable system as long it is only used with normal toilet paper. All additional sanitary hygienic articles have to be thrown into the garbage beside the toilet. So please remind , not to evacuate anything else through the toilet then the toilet paper. The shower works like you are used in any other house. The warm water is generated by a 30 Liter warm water boiler and generates enough hot water for four people to take a shower. 

In case the water shouldn’t come hot anymore it could be that you were taking to long time a shower, but it will take a little more time to heat up again.

PLEASE NOTICE that the toilet is a very sensitive feature and that you and your children really don’t throw any hygienic things like wet wipes, sanitary napkins, condoms, coins or waste food inside the toilet. In case the toilet is blocked a technician will have to come and dissemble all the system and to clean it or replace it. We feel free to charge the guest minimum €150 from the guarantee in case the pump is blocked by something thrown into the toilet.

In case the toilet is blocked the sanitary facilities in the main harbor building will have to be used. For this case we have an emergency check card from the Westhoek Marina inside our information box which can be used to open the door beside the Harbor Master office.

4. Water consumption

We are connected to the normal water supply of the harbor used also by every boat. The water is normal drinking water but not in the frost free area and mounted along the pear. There is Britta filter in the kitchen with regularly changed filter. 

In the winter months from November to March the harbor switches of the drinking water because of danger of freezing. For this case the Home Boat is equipped with a fresh water tank of 850 Liter which has to be filled from the service team every two days if staying with four people.

5. Kitchen and accessories

The kitchen is fully equipped with vitro ceramic, fridge, freezer, oven, microwave and dish washer to make your stay very convenient. There is also water cooker, coffee machine and toaster. You have almost everything included from dishes over glasses, pots, frying pans and forks and knives. A full range of grocery stores are within two Kilometers. 

We ask our guests to handle everything with care as if it was your own stuff.

6. Terraces

Enjoy your stay on the Home Boat on our terraces upstairs and in front with a unique view. We have some deckchairs and normal chairs downstairs and upstairs on the boat. Please enjoy our green roof just please don’t walk on the green roof as it doesn’t have any railings and the plants are not made for walking on it.

7. Safety for Children

As we are on the water and in the harbor parents are responsible for the safety of their children. As you are on a boat parents are responsible that children up to 12 years wear lifejackets at any time. For this reason we obtain a full set of different life jackets for our small guests. The depth of the channel around the boat is around 2 m and it is not allowed to swim in the water because a boat can cross any time. Please also see the rules of the harbor.

8. Beds and towels

We provide for every guest fresh bed linen and towels. As you can see on arrival everything is done for you to make your stay comfortable.

Best regards

Your HomeBoat Team

In any case we are all the time available if some problems should occur:

Anna : +32 471 067997 ( En, Fr, Rus)